Let’s Focus on YOU!

Between Dudes and Pillow Fights, our Sunday was great! We love our Sunday evenings of fun and laughter, that prepare us for the week ahead with the best of the moods!

This week brings us workshop news! Lydia Hensler, wonderful improviser from the Upright Citizens Brigade, is heading over, switching the Californian sun for some of our London grey, and she’s doing that to focus on YOU! Yes, YOU!

Her workshop will focus on YOU! You’ll be asked to bring your specific challenges, questions, or creative wishes to class and we’ll dive in with both lecture and exercises to get to the other side of where you are now. This class is great for building confidence, exploring different ways to play than you usually do and finding different avenues for comedic ideas that light you up!

We so can’t wait for it, that we’re telling you about it before we have tickets available for purchase, just so you can SAVE THE DATE! 29th October 7PM-10PM is Lydia Hensler time to focus on YOU! Keep your eyes on our Facebook page and our website to book your spot as soon as it’s available!

And yes, Sunday is always a C3Sunday and you can find us and our amazing guest teams, getting ready for the week ahead with laughter and good times!

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