The Travel Book – Cloud Gate, Chicago

When you go to Chicago there is one thing that you have to visit because if you do not then you will be missing out on one of the most iconic sites of the city. The Cloud Gate, Which is also nicknamed the Bean was put into Millennium Park in 2006.

The Cloud Gate was designed by architect Sir Anish Kapoor, it was inspired by liquid mercury. The aim of the Cloud Gate was to reflect the tall buildings that surrounded it and it also at different angles distorts the city skyline.


The shape is moulded so that the base of the Bean has a concave shape which means that it creates many unusual reflections. This work of art is to make it stand out but also it is a huge part of the tourism centred around this sculpture and it can take some really unusual photographs.

This is personally one of my favourite areas of Chicago – I love Cloud Gate – you can look at it so many times and see something new that you didn’t realise was there before.  It is a really interesting piece of art and something that you will never get bored of.

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