Exciting start!

We’ve started the year big!

That also means a lot of work!

Zack Willis helped us start the year with a bang. He taught a great workshop that helped us shake off the dust gathered during the long break!

We’ve also started back with our shows and had the joy of having Zack play with us and have 20% Less be our guests.

This week will continue with one more great guest teacher, who will also be playing with us at #C3Sundays! Zeke Nicholson is currently in Rome, watching nuns fall on their luggage and we’ll give our all to prove we can be funnier than that.

There are still some spots left in Zack’s workshops. In addition to improv workshops, he’s also teaching a sitcom writing workshop! You can check details here. And you should make sure not to miss the rare opportunity to see him play in London – you can check more information about our show here.

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