The Games That Time Forgot – 3D Ballz, Sega Genesis 

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 11.11.39Everyone has heard of animation studios such as Disney reusing cells to fill the background of their films, however, did you know that there are also computer games that did the same thing? Well, the game we are looking at today, Ballz, the graphics technology was reused on successful games about virtual pets including Petz, Dogz, Catz and Oddballz.

Ballz 3D was released on The Sega Genesis and Megadrive in 1994, it was originally created to go on the Edge 16, a modern system for multiplayer gaming which was eventually cancelled. The game was a multiplayer game and the idea of it was that it was a 3D action fighting game. Each of the characters were formed entirely of spheres and were named things such as Boomer, Bruiser, Crusher, Kronk and Divine. There is a one player mode where you fight a number of bosses including Guggler who is an Ostrich, Bounder a Kangaroo and The Jester.

The game got a reasonable response frmo critics but nothing amazing. They praised it for its innovation however criticised it for never coming together. They liked the gameplay style and also the sound effects and effects however there was criticism on the graphics.

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