The Games That Time Forgot – Superman 64, Nintendo 64

Who doesn’t like a computer game about action heroes, well, if you ever played Superman 64 then you may be second questioning this statement as this game has gone down in history as one of the worst games produced and sadly, it is all about one of the worlds best loved action heros, Superman.

Superman 64 was a three dimensional action adventure game that is set out as a platform game. The game is set in the virutal world of Metropolis which has been formed by Lex Luthor. The whole city is filled with Kryptonite fog which was put there by Lex Luthor to try and destroy Supermans powers and abilites.

The game was both developed and published by Titus Software and was released in 1999 for the computer platform Ninetendo 64. The game was never properly finished and had really bad quality graphics; this was due to the many contstraints that were put onto the game by DC comics and Warner Brothers. It is considerd one of the worst games of all time due to its poor controls, technical bugs, glitches and how difficult the game was to control.

As well as a single player mode, there was also a mulitplayer mode where you could race and also battle one another. In the racing mode players would race against each other in spaceships whilst shooting rings out as a defence against the opponent.

Even though the game received really negative reviews, it went on to be one of the top selling games in the United States of America in June 1999 and also was announced to be the third best selling game for the N64 for that year. See, sometimes a superherocan be really bad and still save the day.

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