Yes And…part 10 – Comedy Newsreaders

This week was another session of rehearsals for the show in April and forming the show even more. We had to cut it really short this week as one of our group had to go to a prior engagement and also I had a migraine so we wanted to be able to practise even in the small time restraint that we had.

This week we focussed on character and really bringing them to a scene to make them reach a bigger limit to what they were before. For instance one of the games we have been practising is around a news room and we wanted to define each of the characters to be unique and really stand out by themselves. By using stereotypical characters from a news room such as an important anchorman, a girly weather lady, a sports guy with all the sport related puns, it really helped up the game and give the game more character then it had before and made it more entertaining to watch and more fun to play.

Before we left we then had another go at the rhyming games that we had been playing for a while now just to again see what rhyming patters work well and which ones do not work as well and realised that again character was a big thing that needs to be added to the scene to bring it more depth and to make it more entertaining.

There is not much else to add this week as like i said it wasn’t very long due to the fact that  we had to cut it short but there is a case study that goes with this weeks lesson.

Case Study – Comedy Newsreaders

This week there is not just one case study I want to look at but at an array of different styles and ways that the news is portrayed in comedy based shows. One of our games is based around a news room and looking at how newsreaders are depicted in different shows really helps you understand the way they speak and comedy timing that is needed to bring it to a comedic level. So today, I am going to look at a few ways of doing news in comedy and reflect on why it is helpful .

Robin – How I Met Your Mother

I suppose if you look at comedy and news then this is one of the comedy shows where the lead who works in the news wants to be shown as important and wants a real career in the news. The comedy around Robin is the fact that whilst she is desperate to start a career in reporting the news as an anchor she gets given some really stupid stories to report on. She is a good case study to focus on when it comes to the news as it is a way to look at how the seriousness and the sarcasm can be used when expressing a stupid story.

Bruce and Evan – Bruce Almighty

This film is a very good example of two ways that comedy can be used in the news in two different roles – the anchor and the news reporter. You just need to look at the way both Steve Carrell and Jim Carrey act in these roles and the way that both the anchor and the reporter present in different ways. If you look at the parts of the film where they are acting like real reporters you will realise that the anchor person has a more serious role compared to the reporter, the reporter has to be a people person as well as also reporting at the scene of breaking news. If you look at the small areas of the film that aren’t all about the silly, you realise that there are some great characteristics that come out of these roles.

Weekend Update – SNL

If you look at the way that the SNL Weekend Update has been reported over the years this is another good example to use for news reporters and comedy. It is in a different comedy environment and it happens in reality and not in a fiction world which has a different comedy impact on the audience as it is focusing on real life news and giving it  a comical spin. It is a good example to look at for comedy news reporting as it brought a lot of character and sometimes improv to create funny scenarios.


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