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A Little Thing Called Travel – Christmas Abroad

If there is one thing that I love it is Christmas and the way i LOVE to celebrate christmas is to be abroad for it! I only started going abroad every year for Christmas back in 2010 where me and mum just looked at each other and went ‘yeaaaa lets go away for Christmas’ and what a fantastic idea that was. We have been to loads of random places at Christmas some snowy, some hot and everything else in between. Every country celebrates Christmas very differently and thats why I love going to a different country of state each year.

So, here is a run down of some of my favorite experiences abroad at Christmas and the adventures i have had around one country – America.

Boston 2010


This was the first time we went abroad for Christmas and it was so fun and such a great experience. The one thing i remember vividly about this Christmas was the amount of snow it was so thick! There are parts of Boston that are still quite old looking and when covered in snow its a magical flash back in time to old America and its so pretty.



Chicago 2011


If you are looking for a place that is like Christmas Land In the Nightmare Before Christmas then this is the destination you have to go to for christmas. America is a great place for the festive period because they go all out and this is one of those places where everything is just amazing at Christmas. Navy Pier was my favorite place to go for the Christmas period because they turned the whole top area into a magical christmas land with everything from a giant rocking horse that was as tall as the roof to a bouncy castle made out of candy canes. It really was a magical experience even jack Skellington would of been proud of.

Tampa 2013


I really enjoyed christmas in Tampa as it was so different to the other christmas’ i have had in America. For Christmas eve and christmas day we travelled up via Amtrak to Orlando to Universal Studios to experience a festive few days. It was a great place for Christmas as they had The Grinch Musical, non stop christmas decorations and the floats from the ThanksGiving parade in New York. It was such a fun place for Christmas and would love to go there again to celebrate.

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