Remake Season – The Comedy -Are You Being Served?

This year the BBC released a bunch of remakes of classic comedy shows that were huge in the seventies and eighties and Are You Being Served was one of the shows to receive this treatment.


The original show ran between 1972 and 1985 on BBC 1 and in 2004 was ranked the 20th best British Sitcom. The show followed the misadventures and mishaps of the staff of the retail ladies and gentlemen’s clothing department, in the flagship department store of a fictional chain called Grace Brothers.

The original series gained much of its popularity with TV viewers due to to innuendos and sophomoric humor. The characters also sometimes broke the fourth wall.

The show was remade this year with some of the original characters still in it however new members were announced including actors such as John Challis, Sherrie Hewson and Matthew Horne. The remake received really poor reviews with some people saying it is not funny, or that it was truly ghastly. It just goes to show sometimes the old classics should be left alone.


Written by Holly

Hello! My name is Holly and I am the Editor of The Phoenix Remix. I am a Video Editor in the Television Industry. I write this website as a hobby in my spare time. Comedy and Music run through my veins and I love writing about them both, I adore interviewing acts and always on the lookout for something new!

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