A Little Thing Called

A Little Thing Called Comedy – when the laughter dies…

One of the worst thing about seeing a great stand up, or attending a great comedy show is when the show is over and the laughter suddenly stops. You spend the night laughing and filling your body with all this positive energy and laughter and then it suddenly it stops and you walk away even though having a great night with a sort of emptiness inside. It’s not a negative emptiness it’s sort of a come down from laughing so much. I tend to get this when I perform a show myself with improv, you have so much fun performing that when you walk away from a show you are on a constant high.

I though the best way to end this segment about comedy was to take a look at some of the shows I have been to that have made me laugh so much that it has made me feel a sense of sadness walking away from them because they have been so good that it’s shame to see that they have ended.

Lee Evans

This was one of the best stand up gigs I have been to as it was a comedian I was so desperate to see and was so greatful I got tickets to his last set of shows before he retired. I always wanted to see Lee because he has so much energy on stage and wanted to see it it real life and to see if he is as funny as he is on his DVDs. It was a fantastic concert and the fact that he stayed on longer then he should of done doing extra content from his old shows was fantastic and he even shook the hands of all the people who came to the front row at the end as well (and i was one of them).

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Live

This was such a fantastic night of high energy and laughter – to see the people who i was watching as a kid do improv was so awesome. It was so fun to watch and some of the results of the suggestions and games were so funny that I had tears literally streaming down my face. This is a great example of walking away from a show feeling drained. I was buzzing from the show and hyped up by the improv but it left me drained as I could of easily of sat there for so many more hours just watching them over and over again.

James Acaster – Reset

A lot of the comedians I like are still only doing shows that are only an hour long, which for me isn’t enough. People like McIntyre, Lee Evans etc are doing shows that about 2 hours or so long but a lot of the comedians I like are still not at their level and are doing hour shows to get more audiences and to keep going to Edinburgh. James Acaster is one of the most recent stand up shows I have seen where I walked away deflated as an hour did not feel long enough as I felt there was so much more that could of been said as he is hilarious to be in a room with and watch him do his thing. It was the same with John Robins at the beginning of this year, I did not feel like an hours set was long enough so it left me walking away wishing there was more.

The Noise Next Door

The first time I saw these guys was St James Theatre in about 2013. I remember this concert as it was yesterday as i remember it was one of the first shows I went to when I was properlly into stand up and comedy shows where i walked away with my ribs and sides physically hurting form laughing so much. I find an hour for an improv show is not long enough and whilst these guys do a great job being entertaining for an hour, it still needs to be longer.

Russell Howard

Russell Howard was another comedian that I had always wanted to see and luckily got to see him not once but twice within two weeks of each other in February 2015. He is a great comedian and so funny live that it was fantastic seeing him in two different types of stand up shows.

So we draw to a close the strand of comedy, it’s been a really fun topic to write about but there are so many more things to talk about. My passion for the comedy circuit grows more and more as I write this blog and know that in the future there will be some fantastic shows and journeys ahead.


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