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Forgotten Pop! – This Week: Spin City

This week we are looking at another Boyband that was forgotten in to the files of Pop and looking at their careers and this week is Spin City. When I was researching this band it came across really hard to find any information about them until i cam across a newspaper article from the Birgmingham post in 200 that was focussed on one of the members of the band, Kristian Gilroy and jhow he has now left his fish and chip shop career behind. I wont paste the article but i will post some of the quotes that will sum up what the band were about and who they were meant to set out to be.

+ ” Now the hunk is on the road to riches after scooping a seven-album deal with new boy band Spin City – a group discovered by the man who launched Take That”

(A Seven album deal? Surely that was unheard of in the industry i have heard of three album contracts…..wonder if they even released one… )

+ “Kristian and singer Anthony Crowther, aged 20, founded Spin City after meeting at a soccer match in 1998. But landing a record deal took them another two years.”

+ “The Midland pair recruited Londoner Nathan Quist and Dubliner Joseph O’Donovan, and now live together in a house in Hertfordshire. ”

(I know they don’t any more, but imagine if they did)

+ “They’ve landed a multi-million pound deal with Epic – part of Sony Music – and their first single ‘Landslide’ is released at the beginning of August.”

That is literally all the information i could find out about this band, i have no idea when they broke up, what position they charted, instead i could only find a music video.According to the information they got dropped straight after this single was released.

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  1. I was in that band !!!!!

    I’m the one in the player t-shirt.

    We reached the Top 30 but did get dropped before another track was released. Yes, it was a 7 album deal, but obviously had release stages.

    After a lengthy absence from performing I have now began singing in a duo called Take Two covering Take That, Robbie and Gary tracks.


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