This week we are looking at a band that were not only a pop group but were also a television show on CITV between the years of 2001 and 2002 and that band is none other then Allstars. The band consisted of members Sam Bloom, Thailia Zucchi, Ashley Taylor Dawson, Rebecca Hunter and Sandi Lee Hughes. The initals of the band make up the word Stars – how convenient is that! So a lot of areas to cover, lets start with where i first heard of them as I am sure a lot of people had – the television show – Starstreet.

The series was about a band living together in a fictional crazy and colorful house where anything out of the ordinary could and would happen. The show was sen as a success when it aired on SM:TV that it was repeated on CITV. The show only had two seasons as the band broke up and the show did not continue.

Now back to the actual band and their music. The group managed to score four Top 20 singles in a year including the theme tune to their television show. Their debut albumonly managed to peak at number 43 in the charts and only spent two weeks in the album charts. Soon after this, their record label parted ways with the band. So lets look at their music once more to remind ourselves what the band were most known for:

Best Friends

Things That Go Bump In The Night 

Land Of Make Believe 

Going All The Way