The Music Guide – Alkaline Trio

With new music just around the corner from Blink-182 and their latest band member, Matt Skiba, I thought it was only fair we looked at some of his back music starting with the band that made him so well known to his loving fans, Alkaline Trio.

The band formed in late 1996 by Matt Skiba, Rob Doran and Glenn Porter and released it’s debut single Sundials in 1997. After that they released nine studio albums including Goddamnit, Here to Infirmary, Crimson, This Addiction and My Shame is True, just to name a few of them.

So to celebrate Skiba and the release of new music with his new adopted band, here is some Alkaline Trio music to show you just how good this man is at music.

Stupid Kid

Time To Waste

Mercy Me

I wanna be A Warhol

This Addiction

Help me


We’ve Had Enough 

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