The Improv Diaries – Part 14 – Abandoman

This week there is no lessons on – so instead going to talk about a fun part of improv that happens at the end of each month – improv club. Now the idea of improv club is for members of the advanced classes to test out the long form improv they have been learning and for short form improv people to try out new games or to test ones they haven’t done before.

The last time I went to an improv club was December as I was really busy when the last one came around, however I was looking forward to this night to try out games that I had recently become a fan of and also was fellow improvisers rock their stuff!

I didn’t participate loads tonight but got involved with the orchestra game (where you all make a different sound in regards to a character or theme – this week the theme was Disney) and the alphabet game. Now, the alphabet game I have only played once before and decided to play it again and was put on stage with a guy called Geoffrey who is part of Spontaneous Wrecks (and who I had never met before) to play the game. It was a positive reaction to playing it we got lots of laughs (it was a story about a couple who are divorced and have to meet.)I really like some of the word related games in improv. I have always been strong with my words and love writing so the fact that there are word related challenges I find are a helpful way to advance my capabilities.

I have always been a writer at heart, I wanted to be a journalist all through my teens and eventually took an interest in interactive media forms that the writing took a turn as a hobby instead. I write poetry, have written scripts and also write this blog you are reading now! I love to write as I find it is one of the most creative forms you can get!


A Snippet of a poem i wrote in 2010 called To Be  A Tourist which won me money towards my visa to NYC

This video is a trailer for an interactive dining experience that I wrote the entire script for approx 10 actors. The play  was a success and had great feedback from its audience.

I have also written short films and animations in the past. This is a trailer of my final year project at university called Pigmy and Friends – an interactive animation about animals that live in the back garden and teach children about nature.


Now when I think of great word play in comedy, there is only one name that sprung to mind and that name is none other than Abandoman. The group is made up of two people – Rob Broderick and James Hancox. They perform improvisational musical hip hop comedy. I saw them in London at a ComComedy gig and they blew me away with their style of improv. One of the things they do is they get the audience to get a random item out of their bag and hold it up and then they make an improvised rap about them. It was fascinating to see – even if they have been doing it for years -it’s a really interesting concept to see live on stage.

To me whenever I get on stage and do a word related game they are on of the acts i think of that spur me on to push my limits as they really hold the stage and get the audience really involved in what they are doing.



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