The anti-Christmas Comedy you HAVE to see this year at the theatre…

If you are in London this festive season and want to see something a little bit different then your normal Christmas show, then why not head down to The Bottle Shop in Bermondsey and go and watch the dark anti Christmas comedy called The Night Before Christmas.


The story is based around an elf who breaks into a warehouse and gets tied up for by the owner who is a tad dodgy called Gary. The elf begs to let him go as if they do not then there will be no christmas this year, or worse he may die. So the owner calls his best friend to help him out and he turns up in a blue onesie. As well as all this going on the girl Gary has been sleeping with, Cherry, is demanding the present that you promised her kid. With much in store for Gary things can only keep getting a tad crazy!

This show is strictly for adults only as it is a hilarious black comedy. It is the best christmas anti-panto to see this year as it will be tickling your rib cage.


The show runs until the 19th of December, tickets are £15 and has received a bunch of positive reviews. So if you are looking for a laugh and something a little more edgy this year – then pop on down to the Bottle Shop.

To find out more details please follow @D_Btheatre

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