I’m In The Band – Ed Westwick

Lots of  Actors have their own bands – some of them good, some of them bad, some of them you have probably never  heard of! So welcome to a new feature to The Phoenix Remix called I’m In The Band– where we look at different actors and the band that they have been a part of whether they have broken up or are still around. We will be starting with a band that I really like their music and it’s a shame that the actor and the band never went any further then it did.


Gossip Girl Days

Gossip Girl Days

Now when you hear the name Ed Westwick you probably instantly think of badboy millionaire Chuck from the teen drama / comedy called Gossip Girl. However the 28 year old was part of a band where he was on the other end of the richter scale of american posh totty – instead this band was pure English (yes he is from these shores if you didn’t know) and a real rough sound that you would associate with other indie acts such as Babyshambles. The band is formed of Ed,Ben Allingham, Jimmy Wright, Tom Bastiani, and John Voight.

The Filthy Youth

The Filthy Youth

So here is a collection of just some of the songs that the band have released in the past:

Come Flash All My Ladies

The Confidence

Le Soliel

Boys Don’t Smoke

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