Podcast of the Week – The Frank Skinner Show, (Absolute Radio) 

This Monday’s podcast of the week comes in the form of a Saturday morning radio show which has been praised on numerous occasions not on the music that they play, but the conversation that occurs in between the music. The Frank Skinner show on Absolute Radio.

The show is focussed on Frank and his two co-presenters Emily Dean and Alun Cochrane. Unlike some of the podcasts that we have featured in this section, it is not a radio show that is full of jokes or witty remarks like other comedy shows (such as Tom Craine, Rhod Gilbert etc) instead it is formatted like your standard Morning Radio show – listening to three presenters talking about their life and the laughter comes when you listen to some of the opinions of Frank and his team.

Frank Skinner

Frank Skinner

The show does include the listener but it is mainly focussed on the conversations that they have and not phone in as a main source. Compared to other shows that we have recommended on here – it is a lot more slow paced and chilled out and the comedy comes in strands and not at every corner.

If you have ever watched anything that Frank Skinner has done (Room 101, guest on shows) his humour on this podcast is exactly the same as that. A lot of talking and a far more casual pace towards comedy, it is a podcast that you would listen to with a nice cup of tea and a newspaper and when you are having a chilled out day.

Emily Dean

Emily Dean

If you haven’t heard of his co-presenters on the show before here is a bit more information for you, Emily Dean is a TV Producer and is a journalist and is the Deputy Editor of the magazine InStyle magazine. The most notable television show that she has helped produce was The Big Fat Quiz of the Year on Channel 4. Alun Cochrane is a Perrier nominated Comedian and has performed on a number of television shows including Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, Russell Howard’s Good News and Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

Alun Cochrane

Alun Cochrane

There are many episodes of the Frank Skinner Show Podcast that you can download on the app store dating all the way back to 13th September 2014 – so if you are looking for something funny but a bit more sophisticated with the humour, then this is the podcast for you!

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