Ones To Watch in 2021 – INTERVIEW – Regulus Red

Welcome to 2021 and all this month we are celebrating acts, websites, content, musicians and everything in between that you should be looking out for this year! Today we talk to a musician who at the end of 2020 released his debut album and is set to enter the new year with a bang! I caught up with Regulus Red to find out all about that is in store.

Hello Regulus tell us three fun facts all about yourself? 

Hello there 🙂  

1. I am addicted to adrenaline, I’ve recently had a bungee jumping experience and it was  fantastic!  

2. I speak four languages fluently and I feel very excited about it, Italian and English are  my native ones

3. I am also a big gamer: I (f**king) love video games, people always get really surprised  when they hear this but I do!  

How did you get into music?  

She was always there with me, so I’d say that she got into me   

What has been your favourite song of 2020?  

I have been playing Tucked by Katy Perry & Enigma by Lady  Gaga on repeat!  

What are your plans for 2021?  

Becoming a worldwide superstar, obviously :*  

Are you planning to tour at all this year ?  

It’s not in the cards at the moment, but I would love to tour some LGBT+ prides during next summer 

What other bands or musicians do you find inspiring?  

We’ve got so many: Edith Piaf, Lady Gaga, Lorde, MIKA, P!nk are on the top tier. 

What is your favourite song to perform live?

I love performing Ghoster for some reason. It was my debut single, my first ever song  released under my name. But I have a fond memory of it and the dark, aggressive vibe  resonates with my current state of being

What is the most challenging?  

All For Himself: those high notes were made to make me suffer eheh  

What styles do you hope to see more of in music this year?  

I’d love to see genderqueer artists get into the mainstream industry!  

Do you have any new years resolutions? If so what are they?  

Letting go of resentment and welcoming more acceptance  

Are you on social media?

My Instagram and Tiktok handles are 

Three words why people should listen to you this year?  

My artistry is volcanic, truthful, dynamic  

Who are your ones to watch for 2021?  

Jimmy Harvey (dear friend and about to release some amazing tunes) & Delilah Montagu  (little bit obsessed with her single Loud) 


What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?


If you could trade lives with anyone for a day who would it be and why? 

J.Lo because she is a goddess. But thinking it through, I would never want to leave her life,  so it’d be too painful to even enter it!  

Your favourite lyric?  

When it comes to lyrics, there can’t be favourites, I’m sorry!  

What is the most delightful word you can think of?  


Favourite song by another musician?  

Favourites are a hard one… but I’ll go for The Louvre by Lorde  

What is your favourite movie quote?  

Get away from her, you bitch!  

Who is your favourite cartoon character and why?  

Can it be Ariel? I’m a big fan

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