INTERVIEW: Watch Virtual Performances With Loosely Woven Theatre

With the difficult times we are facing at the moment, it is the perfect time to try something new whilst you are forced to stay indoors and over the next couple of weeks we are interviewing acts that are putting on everything from projects to lessons. Today, we are talking Loosely Woven Theatre Co-Artistic Director Sarah Davies. During Lockdown they have released an online virtual performance called Beef Encounter. I wanted to find out more.

Hello there tell us a little bit about yourself!

We’re Loosely Woven Theatre, run by Co-Artistic Directors Jack Thomson and Sarah Davies. We’re a bold contemporary theatre company who specialise in site specific and immersive shows, and we’re based in Kent. Our first project ‘Left Behind’ was staged in disused attic rooms, and had a (very dusty!) sell out run at Faversham Fringe last year!

Tell us all about the project that you are bringing to the online world at the moment?

We’ve been experimenting with lots of ideas for virtual performances, running online read throughs of Sarah’s (28!) short plays, and planning virtual projects! This lead us to the idea of developing and filming one as a remote monologue; the ridiculous play ‘Beef Encounter’, about a lonely butcher! Really excitingly, Boyd Branch of the University of Kent came on board to produce this, and was able to transport our fantastic actor Brendan Roberts into a virtual butcher’s shop! It has to be seen to be believed!

What times does it run throughout the day? how much does it cost , what platform etc?

It’s available right now on YouTube!

With everything happening in the world at the moment, why is it so important to have activities like yours available?

We’ve found that staying creative and immersed in new ideas has been a positive outlet for us. We’ve invested so much effort and time into Loosely Woven, and the fact that we can keep things going, albeit in a very different form right now to anything that we could have envisaged, is great!

What can people expect over the next few weeks from your project?

This is just the start! We have just launched a new online project called Back to Our Place. This project is all about celebrating the wonderful buildings of Faversham town. Our work is centred on creating immersive and site specific experiences which currently is prohibited. This led us to the idea around still celebrating these but taking it online. We are asking the local community for stories that involve these buildings to then turn these into online pieces of theatre. Imagine if the walls could talk. It’s that kind of vibe.

If people want to find out more about you on social media where shall they visit?

Facebook: Loosely Woven Theatre Twitter : @LooselyWoven Instagram : @Looselywoventheatre

Finally why should people get involved?

We’re hoping to provide a little bit of escapism and an outlet for creativity in these unprecedented times! We’re a tiny company with huge ideas and ambitions, so any support/sharing of our work is hugely valuable!

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