The Travel Diaries

The Travel Diaries – The Catlins, New Zealand

After a whistle stop tour through the Catlins with my family I decided to head back to spend a little longer exploring and taking photos. It was definitely worth going back and I got very lucky with the weather.

Camping at Curio bay with my Mum, Dad and friend Lee was one of the highlights. Each evening we went out at sunset to see the yellow eyed penguins come in for the night. It was a magical experience going to bed after seeing one of the worlds rarest penguins.

Visiting every waterfall in the district, countless beaches and whacky tourist attractions (like Teapotland and The Lost Gypsy Caravan) was a wonderful experience and it was great to share with my family and friend

The amount of things to do and the wildlife you see in the Catlins is definitely worth it. It should be added to everyone’s list of places to visit in New Zealand. Hopefully you will be lucky with the weather too.

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    • Yes the surf school is still there and the hectar dolphins. I saw quite a few swimming in the waves. We also waited out in the cold to see the yellow eyed penguins which were so cool.


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