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The Travel Book – Lake Kir and Promenade De L’ouche, Dijon, France

When you go to a new town or city and you are staying in the area for a number of days, you want to get lost in the place and go to areas that may not be very well visited by tourists, especially in the out of season months. Well, if you happen to be visiting Dijon in France anytime soon, then why not check out lake Kir de Dijon and Promenade de Louche before it gets to the summer and will be busy.

Lake Kir is an artificial lake that is located in the South West of the city, it is known for it’s sporting activities and is home to sports such as kayaking, table tennis, volleyball, snack bar and bowles). The area has thirty hectares of green space surrounding the lake so you can understand why it is so well used in the area.


So why should you visit the lake if it is constructed and not natural? Well, in regardless to what it is the area is very pretty and the trees surrounding the lake make it a very lovely place to walk around. In the winter months like I went, it may be quiet and the tourist shops and cafes may not be open but there is nothing better then walking around somewhere to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. When you arrive at the lake there is a bridge that goes over a tiny waterfall / dropping water and it is really calming to watch and see the current fall over the side as well as engulfing yourself in the sound that the water makes on a quiet day. 

One of the ways to get to the lake is by walking down the  Promenade De L’ouche. The walk through a lovely wooded area is 2.2km and follows the path of the Ouche river. It is used a lot by the locals as a regular walkway and a place they walk their dogs and it is not hard to see why. There is a lot of lovey bridges and walkways en route and it means that you can really absorb the peacefulness and sounds of the water on your travels.

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