The Travel Book -Vivre- L’experience Des Saveurs, Sofitel, Heathrow Airport

If you find yourself heading to Heathrow Airport anytime soon and want somewhere nice to eat then let me recommend a restaurant that it inside the Sofitel Hotel. The hotel is located right near terminal 5 so if you are flying in from there or want food around there then this could be somewhere you would be interested in.


Vivre L’Experience Des Saveurs prepare Asian, Italian and European cuisine and you should try and book a table ahead as it gets filled up pretty quickly from people staying at the hotel as well as people just coming for food. The restaurant is open plan so to speak and has a open kitchen that allows you to see the chefs hard at work in the kitchen. It is also a very stylish hotel restaurant so expect the same sort of food.

I went there the night before I went on holiday and I decided to order a curry and it was Wonderful. It was really tender, tasty and the right sort of spice.  Looking around the restaurant a lot of people were enjoying their food and all the plates were presented well and were very pretty to look at.

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