The Travel Book At Christmas – The Fun Way to Buy Presents Abroad…

Ok so Christmas has just passed – I hope that you had a great one and celebrated in style! However, after reading the set of articles we have posted this festive season you may decide next year to go abroad for Christmas and I know what you are thinking because I get asked it time and time again by people – what do you do about presents?

It’s ok, you are allowed to ask, you are not being greedy wanting a present on the big day I totally get it! Well, sometimes Father Christmas can’t find you when you are abroad so you decide to give him a few less people to think about delivering to and give him the year off and come up with your own way of dealing with presents.

Going away at Christmas for us isn’t about the gifts but it is always nice to wake up on Christmas Day and open a few presents to make it feel like a special day. The one thing about going abroad is that you firstly don’t have a lot of luggage space to brings presents from the UK and secondly why would you want to as you will be able to buy lots of great things in the winter sales abroad! With that in mind, why not do something a bit different!

When we go away we don’t want to spend hundreds of pound on presents because the sales are usually really good at this time of year abroad (I got a pair of vans for £2.50 in America in the January sales ) so why not make it more about the fun of the present finding the expense. Every year we set a limit of twenty euros or thirty dollars and the aim is to see what silly and quirky gifts we can buy for that budget. It is a super fun thing to do and makes Christmas more of a game and that is one thing that makes it really special.

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