Poetry Corner – The Hand Of Power’s Bleeding

A little thing you may not know about me as a reader is that I enjoy writing poetry. I have been writing poems since the age of 13 and find it a good way to write down emotions when I am stressed or got something on my mind. A lot of times I use poetry to expand and exaggerate a feeling but I also find it a great way to relax and let things out of my head. I haven’t really shared a lot of my poetry but I thought for the Phoenix Remix birthday week I would share a few from my archives. I have two notebooks full of my poems but I will only be sharing a handful. Quite a lot of them are pretty personal to me but I thought why not take the leap and share a few.

Todays poem I wrote when it was the summer before I went to university. I read it the other day for the first time in years and actually was surprised at how relevant in some ways it is to todays political world. I have no idea what inspired this.  I think it was inspired by Green Day songs, who knows!

The Hand of Power’s Bleeding

We will stand on our own,
Even when the curtains fall,
We will stick here together as one,
Standing here stronger and tall.

There’s no barrier in life we can’t get through
There’s nothing we can’t do,
Take pride in what you believe don’t let others interfere,
We will be right behind you and will be the frontier.

No-one has the power to tell you what to think,
Government is lying to close our minds,
Brainwashing us with their powers,
Twisting us with their lies.

The dark depths of mirky waters is always left unexplored,
No-one asks questions if its someone’s final say,
The hand of democracy is bleeding,
Go forth and try to save this day!

Written 7/8/07

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