Travel vs the Comedian – Billy Connollys World Tour of Australia 

The most recent trend in the travel show is to attach a comedy to it and there are so many – some serious, some spoofs04, some that are the dynamics of an actual scripted comedy and others because they were one big practical joke! Travel Thursdays have just got bigger as we are now adding a comedic spin on it where we are looking at the comedian versus the travel.

51X49K7E87LToday we look at a show that ran in the nineties and was second in a series of ‘world tours’ that Billy Connolly did where he travelled to different countries around the globe. This show was specifically about Australia and saw Billy take the scenic route around the vast country.

The show is different to other travel documentaries by comedians as it is intertwined with bits of his show that he performed around Australia  in the 1970s when he first visited.

 The show is made up of eight episodes and in them he goes to many different cities including Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Darwin, Alice Springs and Fraser Island. Whilst on his travels he learns about local culture and takes part in a variety of activities.

The show aired thoughout the latter months of 1996 on BBC one and could be followed up by reading a book that was released  to run alongside it.

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