That Time When – I took a photo everyday of the year… 

Picture the scene – it was a sunny hot New Year’s Day and I am standing on top of a Hill in Spain looking at the sea and I thought to myself – you know what I am going to try doing the Instagram 365 this year! I mean how hard can it be? It can be very hard!
Whilst at first it seemed like a great idea because I was abroad and in the holiday spirit, the fun throughout the first few months was there but it was also a challenge. The hardest was remembering to actually post every day – it’s something you have to really push into your memory to make it a daily part of your routine. After a few months it became second nature and I didn’t think twice about posting.
There have been some great reasons and bad reasons to keep a photo everyday of the year. The most positive I guess from the whole experience has been that the photos have sort of been like a visual diary – something that I can look back on and see how the whole year was like and look back on what I did every day.
The most challenging thing was that not everyday you want to post. To me a big chunk of this year has been pretty tough and has had a few negative moments – posting on social media you don’t want to share the bad things happening and you have to either find something positive about that day or post a random gif or image to post instead.
Another challenging one is that you have to keep remembering the number of the day – which may not sound a lot but its sometimes something that you forget and I always got my numbers mixed up!
Overall I must say I am glad I did a year in photos, I am not sure if I will do it again next year but I would recommend it to people as it’s a good way to reflect and you can really see where your life goes in just 365 days.

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  1. Such a cool project idea! Well done I would definitely forget about posting. I do monthly challenges every now and then and I even forget to post during them.


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