Improv Diaries

The Improv Diaries – Shoes and Physical Characters [Case study – Raja Gemini and Del Boy ] 

This week was all about the final rehearsals for our show that we were performing at The Miller. It was nice to have the whole team back together as it had been a while since we had all been in the same room together.

For this latest show I was going to be an improviser contestant and Ben was going to be the host. The last time that we did a show together, I did the host role but we rotate it and its pretty fun to do this as everyone gets to have a go at different things.

Since our last show, we have swapped one of the games for something different as we weren’t sure of the original opening game that we had. We used to perform Story Story Die but even though it did ok at the last show we were introduced to a new game that had a lot more physicality and worked much better as a opening game.

From this weeks training we learnt a few things – we work well as a team, Ben is good at coaching and the show looks like its going to go well. One of the games that we are bringing to the show that we did last time is the three personalities on a date game. It went down really well last time so we wanted to keep it in.

In rehearsals I was given the television characters role to perform in the game and from doing this is was apparent that I am good at doing references to what they do in the show (Maybe i watch too many television shows).

I really adore performing with Punderstandably and we have just had some really exciting news for 2018 and it looks like we are going from strength to strength. Also we have another new member joining in the next few weeks so its very exciting times ahead.

Case Study 1 – Del Boy 

One of the characters that I got asked to be in a scene this week was Del Boy Trotter from Only Fools and Horses. One thing I found when doing a television character in a scene was that you need to drop in physicality’s and certain buzzwords into the conversation to make the character shine out but also stay true to the scene. I enjoyed doing Del boy because I started talking in a accent similar to the character and was talking the same way he does whilst trying to add physical attributes.

One of the most iconic scenes with Del Boy in Only Falls and Horses is when he falls through the bar. From reading his autobiography, I know that David Jason deliberately didn’t look where he was falling and gave it his all hen falling and committed to the fall. I felt that I should bring this scene to Improv and that’s what I did – I deliberately didn’t look where I was going and fell of the chair to my right and made it look really natural  – it was good fun – and i got a bruise but its all good!

Case Study 2 – Raja Gemini

One of the things that we do as part of our set is we act in characters between each of the game. We all come on as a different persona and try and make it look like we really want to win. James has the cockiness character down to a tee and the other James has the enthusiasm perfected so I was trying to work out what sort of style I should come on as. My inspiration came when I was watching Netflix the other day.

I love Ru Pauls drag race and for some reason skipped seasons 2 and 3 and jumped to season 4 so I am currently watching the episodes I missed.From watching Season 3 I got inspiration for my persona for my character and that inspiration came from the winner Raja.

From the first episode, I predicted that she was going to win has she had a very strong persona on stage and a certain attitude that the other Queens did not have. I felt that for my character for the show I would channel my inner Raja – channel confidence and strut that stuff. I found coming on stage waving at the audience like I am a celebrity and “strutting” and posing to the audience makes the character stand out differently.

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