The Games That Time Forgot – Talkman, PSP

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 21.58.32Today we look at a game that was developed for the PSP that was a developed by Sony Computer Entertainment to be a translation software. The product was called Talkman because it was a reference to the Walkman that Sony produced for their audio products.

The aim of the product was both to entertain and help people translate both slang and phrases that would help on a travel abroad. The original version, it was released in 2005 and 2008 in the United States.

The product allowed people to pay one price that opened four languages – Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese Mandarin. However, if you wanted to open more languages you can by paying $5.99 for each one. You had the option to open French, Italian and Japanese (as this wasn’t available initially in the USA version).

The game was produced with different difficulty levels to see how well people were doing with their fluency. There was even a headset produced to make peoples lives easier to interact with the programme.

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