INTERVIEW: Fear The Walking Wrecks… 

It’s that time of the month again when North East improv troupe Spontaneous Wrecks have their improv show at the Bridge Hotel on the 1st November. This weeks Show is Halloween themed, I sat down with the guys to find out more.

Date: 1st November

Time: 7:30pm

Price: 2 for £5 if bought in advance


Tell us all about your Halloween show?

We always like to make things a bit scary for our Halloween show, and with the return of The Walking Dead to TV this month, what better time to have a closer look at zombies!

Will you have trick or treat planned for the audience?

We would never trick our audience – but there’ll be plenty of treats, we’re sure! We often give out sweets for good suggestions!

If you were all going to a Halloween party what would everyone be dressed like?

Dan would be an 80s wrestler or a classical character with a ruff. Jon would be a mad scientist. Geoff would be a zombified Abraham Lincoln. Anna would be Kylo Ren. Seb would be a Venetian Plague Doctor. Casey would be a zombified army soldier. Matt would be something from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Michael would be a vampire (classic Michael). Blánaid would be the Cheshire Cat!

What about the Wrecks himself? What devilish outfit would the dinosaur wear?

He would take inspiration from his older cousin in the Great North Museum and go as a dinosaur skeleton.

Have you put a Halloween twist on any of the games if so what?

Maybe…but you’ll have to come along to find out! A witch never reveals her secrets!

Who gets the most scared out of the troupe?

ARGH! Who said that?

What’s been highlights of the past Halloween shows you have performed and why? 

We had a homemade ‘Stranger Things’ inspired backdrop last year which was fun to make. We also introduced a new coaster game called Ghost Coaster, which involved impersonations of famous people!

What’s your favourite horror movies and why? 

Seb quite likes What Lies Beneath with Harrison Ford, but most of us like things like the Walking Dead, Stranger Things. We typically go for the lighter end of horror! I guess as a group of comedians/improvisers we prefer funny over scary!

In past shows there have been pumpkin carvings will there be this time also who does them as they are pretty good!

One of our members, Blánaid, is an expert pumpkin carver and we’re always amazed with what she can come up with. Blánaid has promised us another, but we’ll have to wait and see what she carves!

Finally, Three words to describe your Halloween show this year!


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