Off the Record – Maroon 5 

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the record first! This week we talk about a band that have had a lot of worldwide success – Maroon 5 

Shiver – Songs About Jane album

This song is a great album track it has fantastic guitar riffs and it is a very unique song on the album. It had a Santana feel as well.

The Sun – Songs About  Jane album

This song is very Jazzy and has a very smooth feeling to it. The song has very nice lyrics and a wonderful bass line that intertwines with the melody.

Secret – Songs About Jane album

Anyone who has watched the Debra Messing film, The Wedding Date will know this song, if not then I reccomend a listen. It is one of the slowest songs on the album but has a slow and seductive vibe to it. It is very melodic with great lyrics.

Little of Your Time – It won’t Be Soon Before Long album 

This song is Up tempo, and has great lyrics to suit. It’s hollly with guitars playing a unique rift in different pitch and scale.

Can’t Stop -It Won’t Be Soon Before Long album 

This is another Up tempo song. It is very catchy and is a great album track. The chorus is repeitive but it means that it is great to listen and sing along to.

Stutter – Hands All Over album 

This song is a very good track and is one of the great ones on the album. It has very catchy drums and great use of pianos that make it a very addictive song to listen to.

Hands All Over – Hands All Over album

This song is great because it has undertones of Melodies of the first album. It has very good lyrics and  a great backing beat that will make it a track hard not to listen to.

Lucky Strike – Overexposed Album

This is a very Energetic song on the album and it probably the most uptempo on the whole record. It is fast paced with underlying tones of classic rock with dance beat.

The Man Who Never Lied – Overexposed album 

This track is a Hybrid of musical styles. It has a ballad style chorus and is a lovely track even though the song is about lying.

It Was Always You – V album

This song is Slow and is a beautiful song about  friends becoming lovers. It has a great tune and has a goodrepetitive  beat as well as electronic music dabbled in between.

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