The Games That Time Forgot – Fruit Machine, Amstrad CPC 

Today we look at a game that may look very outdated now, but at the time was cutting edge in the eighties, Fruit Machine on Amstrad CPC.
The game created by Amsoft was released in 1984 and it was based on a fruit machine that you would get in any sort of casino or pub. The game allowed you to hold an icon and nudge the machine by pressing either 1,2 or 3 on the keyboard. If you win on the machine you can either collect with the keyboard C or gamble with the letter G or exchange for nudges by pressing the letter N.
The game was praised for being highly addictive and fun. You can win up to a whole £3.00 with the smallest prize being 20p. When I was a kid in the nineties, my

Mums boyfriend at the time gave us an Old Amstrad and I remember playing this game – whilst it was very short and simple, I used to really enjoy playing it and I understand why it was a hit in the early eighties. Whilst it may not live up to today’s games, it’s still worth a play and you can find simulators online.

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