Off The Record – Zebrahead 

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the record first! This week we talk about – Zebrahead.

Over the Edge – MFZB album

This song is up tempo and really defines the musical theme for the whole album. It has a catchy chorus and really great guitar riffs. Even if you aren’t a fan this is one of those songs that is really easy to listen and enjoy.

Dear You (Far Away) – MFZB album

If there is one thing that Zebrahead can do, it’s write a cracking end track for an album. This song is in a very different tone to the rest of the album but due to the way that Mattys voice can morph its really beautiful. I have been listening to Zebrahead for a long time and even now all these years later its still one of my favourite album tracks that I wish was longer.


Heres To you – Broadcast to the World album

This is a jolly little song that is addictive and easy to listen to. It has a melody that is constant throughout the whole album and is a great punk rock type of song that is a lot of fun.

You New Boyfriend wears Girl Pants – Broadcast to the World Album

This is another song that is a fantastic end track to an album. It has a really good chorus and is a song that is really hard to get bored of. The melody at the beginning is very different to the rest of the album and really highlights this song as one of the best album tracks.

Morse Code for Suckers – Phoenix album

The one thing that is fantastic and unique about this track is the opening music sounds like the style of morse code. The rest of the song is a classic type Zebrahead song and is a fun listen.

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right, but Three Rights Make a Left – Phoenix album

This is a great album track and is a very catchy song with a fantastic chorus. It’s got classic guitar riffs and a great set of verses that you will find hard not to enjoy.

I’m definitely Not Gonna Miss You – Get Nice album

This is a jolly little tune is a great album track and is an exciting song to listen to. It may have lyrics about breaking up with someone but it’s got a good rhythm and a good guitar riff.

Walk The Plank – Walk the Plank album

For a track that is the same name as the album you expect big things and this song surely does bring it. Its fun, its rock and its pure genius. One of the best songs on the album and if you want to know where to start with if your new to Zebrahead I recommend this being the top of your list.

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