The Travel Book – Barbary Macaques, Gilbraltar, Spain 

If you find yourself on the shores of Gilbralter anytime soon then there is one place that you must visit when you are there – it is a necessity and it is also an iconic part of the city – The Rock of Gilbraltar.
The Top of the Rock is famous for many reasons – the first is because it is the most iconic visual when you arrive at the city, also because it is home to the Barbary Ape.

There are many things to do and see on the top of the rock this also includes the great siege tunnels Saint Michaels Cave and the nature reserve.
The apes are Gibraltars biggest tourist attraction however they are not tame and you have to be aware when approaching them. There are a couple of ways to get to the top of the rock one of them is by the road and the other is via the cable car which we would recommend that you get fantastic views on the way up.

The apes Are indigenous to Morocco and Algeria where only 7000 remain in the world and are endangered. The apes on the rock will interact with tourists however it is recommended that you do not approach them. They are known for actually stealing items off of members of the public.

We highly recommend staying good distance away from the apes see how they interact with each other in the wild. You do not need to approach them to see them in their full glory as it’s great to see any animal in the wild.
On the website for the rock there is guidelines as to how you should approach the apes when viewing.

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