Friday Night Dinner Returns in 2018

The hit comedy on Channel 4 that has won two awards and nominated for many others, is returning to air next year.

Friday Night Dinner, which is about Shabbat dinner in the secular Jewish Goodman family, is set to come back late next year with season 5.

According to Big Talk Productions website-

In Series 5 Mum and Dad get a hot tub, much to the horror of Adam and Jonny, Adam accidentally sets his car on fire, Jonny won’t stop prank-calling Adam, Dad becomes obsessed with his old, terrifying ventriloquist dummy, Mum organises her own, terrible surprise party, Jim goes on a date from beyond hell, Horrible Grandma comes back for more horribleness – and the family have dinner.

To celebrate the return, let’s have a look at some classic clips of the sitcom.

He’s Got a Tattoo

Tomato Blood

Do I Look Like A Pimp?

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