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The Travel Book – Bergen, Norway

​If you are visiting Norway anytime soon then there is one city that you must put on your list of places to visit – and that place is the SouthWestern town called Bergen. The city is the second biggest in the whole of Norway, with a population of just under 279,000.  The town is popular to tourists and cruise ships visiting the country and has a variety of activities for tourists.

In the centre of Bergen, there is a fish market that is one of the countries most visited and has been there since the 1200s. Whilt it sells a variety of fish including salmon and whale, it also is the home to local groceries and products.

There are many things on offer to tourists, everything from the local museums such as Alvoen Country Manor  to the sea life centre that is home to species such as penguins. If you are looking to go further a field, then you can book excursons or trips to places like Hardangerfjord, a tour in  rib boat, or hiking around the local landscapes. Bergen is also a great place for cycling and can be a place where you can rent bikes and explore the local area.

The city is home to many different festivals and events througout the year including Bergen International Festival, Nattjazz, Cit Marathon, Blastfest and Bergen Food Festival.

Bergen is a great city to visit and I really enjoyed my time when I visited it, if you get to go there by cruise, which is what i did, the journey into the harbour is a delightful experience with a beautiful view of the outskirts and the fjords that surround it. The town is a lovely one to walk around and you will be delighted with all the water surrounding it, there is a beautiful little park witha massive pond in the the middle as well which is tranquil. The harbour area is a delight and the food market is one that you will not want to miss out on.

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