Forgotten Pop! – This week – Javine 

​This week we talk about a rnb singer that had a few hits at the beginning of the noughties and then caused controversy when she had an affair with the husband of one of the UKs biggest RnB acts, Alesha Dixon. This week we look at the music career of Javine.

Javine Dionne Hylton came around on the music scene and signed onto a contract with Innocent  / Virgin Records. She released her debut single “Real Things” in 2003 which did well in the UK Chart and reached number 4. She then released four more singles off her debut album Surrender which was Surrender (Your Love), Best of My Love, Don’t Walk Away and You’ve Got A Friend. All of these reached the top twenty in the UK charts and did relatively ok for themselves.

The disaster struck when she actually released her debut album in 2004. The album failed to reach anywhere high in the chart and only just reached entering the list at all. This lead to Javine being dropped from her record company, even though the singles did ok.

Even though her label dropped her, in 2005 she won the chance to be the UKs entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Touch My Fire which gave us the 22nd position in the competition. So lets spend this afternoon celebrating the short lived career of this artist.

Real Things

Surrender (Your Love)

Best Of My Love

Don’t Walk Away

Touch My Fire

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