It’s all about the number 2 

If you haven’t guessed it already, today is our second birthday as a comedy, entertainment blog and what better way then bring back a feature we did for our first birthday but this time by upgrading the number one to, you guessed it, the number 2! So yes! Just for a bit of fun here are some great little songs all with the number two in the title! Enjoy!


Blur – Song 2

This song is great it is catchy and I have had many of great times to this song and the guitar riffs in it are fantastic so its just a fantastic song and has to be on the list of the fantastic songs with the number 2.


Spice Girls – 2 Become 1

If there is one song that is iconic for the number 2 then it this song by the Spice Girls, it is one of the slowest songs on this list but we all need a ballad to add to the list. So get those candles in the air and wave them side to side.

Ann Lee – Two Times 

When i was thinking about songs to put on this list this song popped straight into my head because all it says is the words two times throughout and i remember it being a huge hit when i was a kid and it was a song i always found annoying but now have found a reason to use it hah!

Meat Loaf – Two Out of three ain’t bad

It is one of the best songs with the number 2 in it and really does earn a strong place in this list. It is such a great power ballad and will get anyone singing at the top of their voice.

Dr Evil – just the 2 of us

There are many versions of this song but I chose to go for the silliest – firstly this is a comedy blog so the funnier ones the better, secondly – i really like this version and never fails to make me smile.

Frankie goes to Hollywood – two tribes

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