Off the Record – Olly Murs 

Welcome to a brand new feature on The Phoenix Remix all about music! Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the record first! This week we talk about – Olly Murs.

I Blame Hollywood – Olly Murs Album

This is one of the catchiest songs that is off the album, it has a cacthy chorus and a really nice melody throughout the whole song that makes you want to tap your feet throughout it. It has a them to the song that defines the sort of style that Olly has in his first album – cheerful and something that everyone can enjoy.

Accidental – Olly Murs Album

Another song on this debut that has a cheeky feel to it and that jolly little jingle that happens throughout the whole album. This song has quirky lyrics and is a melody that you can imagine listening to on a nice spring day.

A Million More Years – Olly Murs Album

This is one of the best album tracks on the whole record and it is a song that you could imagine even being part of a theatre show. Its big, its a ballad and has a great ending, its a perfect way to finish a record whilst also leaving the listenener wanting more.

I Don’t Love You Too – In Case You Didn’t Know Album

This is one of the best album tracks on this record and it really has a great tune that really highlights Olly Murs as the stage persona that you potrays himself to be. Whilst the song is about fighting with a loved one, it has the jolly and dancey feel that is so much associated with the cheeky chappy and makes you imagine him doing some sort of 1950s musical routine to this song.

What A Buzz – Right Place, Right Time Album

So many of the songs on this record became a single (7 to be precise!) So its hard to really say which ones are great album records. However the song What a Buzz Comes to mind becauce it has that real cheeky chappy feel to it that makes so many people love Olly Murs. Its about him messing up on a date because he is having such a fun time.

Did You Miss Me – Never Been Better Album

Out of all the albums that Olly Murs has had, this is the best one for album tracks as a lot of them are catchy and also are really good to listen to. Did you Miss Me is the first song on the album and it is one that is really catchy with the trumpets playing in between the chorus and verses. It is a melody of bliss and will really get your head bopping along.

Never Been Better – Never Been Better Album

This is the albums title track and it is such a good song, it has a fantastic chorus and a really dramatic verse melody that will make this song become your best friend and want to listen to more. It is a song with very powerful lyrics and will leave you wanting much much more.

24 Hrs – 24 hrs Album

This whole album has a completly different feel from the rest of Ollys Music, however if you give it a chance you may like it. The title track is a lot slower and a different beat but the slow and lazy beat throughout actually becomes addictive and is something that you will want to listen to over and over again.

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