Off the Record – Angels and Airwaves 

Welcome to a brand new feature on The Phoenix Remix all about music! Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the record first! This week we talk about – Angels and Airwaves.

The Gift – We Don’t Need To Whisper Album

This song may not of been a single but it was used a lot in television shows as a song as it had a very catchy tune and the words were quite relevant. This song can be head specifically in the first season of Gossip Girl in one of the first episodes.

Start The Machine – We Don’t Need To Whisper Album

This song is a great example of some of the great album endings that AVA have – the intro is done using Toms child’s toy piano and it really does build up the song for a great ending of an album.

Call To Arms – i-Empire Album

The first song on the i-Empire album has a punchy intro with heavy drums and an addictive beat. Its a great introduction to the music to come and gives you a really good insight into the world of AVA

Heaven – i-Empire Album 

This song is another ending track on an album and is also one of the best songs on I-Empire. It’s uplifting, its catchy and will make any day brighter.

Epic Holiday – Love Album

This whole album was released as the soundtrack for the film the band released under the same name. This song is just a tiny insight into the whole album which is really worth a listen.

My Heroine – Love part 2 album

This song is one of the best songs that AVA has produced as an album song, its catchy, got a really good rhythm and some great lyrics that even the non AVA fan will find addictive.

All That We are – Love Part 2 album

Another end track and another belter, this is one of my favourite songs to end an album as it has some fantastic guitar riffs and feels like it takes you on a journey.

Tunnels – The Dream Walker Album

This song really does define the style of music on The Dream Walker album, this was a single off the album and has a different feel to the prior albums however the intro music really makes this a magical song to listen to.


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