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The Travel Book – Cannes, France 

There is place in the South of France that spends most of its time being infiltrated by hundreds of people going to the biggest conferences and events of the world. The Television and Film Industry hold the biggest events of the market there at certain times of the year and it has also appeared in a number of music videos and films as back drops. However, apart from being the land of the Film Festivals and TV’s MIPCOM, Cannes has a lot to offer.


The town most of the year is surrounded by massive promotion posters for the events that are on, however if you look at the buildings behind these you will notice that they are beautiful architecture and really are beautiful and such glorious sites and have a feel 1920s and old film feel about them.

One of the things you will notice the most in cannes in the sandy beaches that stretch the whole way throughout the town. They are not very big and a lot of the sea front is taken up with the tables of restaurants and nightclubs that make money when the events are on at the Palais Des Festivals. Now if there is one place you HAVE to see in Cannes it is this building; the Palais Des Festivals – the place where the biggest film festival in the world is hold and even in the off peak season it is such an impressive building to see. There is a Tourist Information and gift shop at the bottom of Palais Des Festivals and i recommend visiting it just to make you get a sense of old Hollywood.


If you are a bit tired of the glam and glitz and money in the centre of Cannes, be sure to visit the picturesque old town for a change of pace. It’s up a bit of a hill but the view of the harbour and the coast make it worth it as is a lovely view and also a bit of peace from the craziness of the town. The old town is full of cobbled streets and a beautiful old building which is now a museum. If you haven’t visited Cannes then it is a place that you should put on your bucket list, however it is not somewhere you would want to stay longer than a few days.


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