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The Travel Book – The York Lucky Cat Tour, City of York, Yorkshire 

If you are visiting the city of York anytime soon and want to see the area in a fun and unique way, the the York Lucky Cat tour is something that you are most definitely will want to do. The tour not only gives you an insight into the lively history of York but also gives you a fun and free day out for all the family, whilst also getting lots of exercise!

The city of York has a long and strong with everyone’s favourite feline, the cat, for two centuries, models of cats have been placed around York and were placed there to scare away rats and mice as well as getting rid of wandering evil spirits. Nowadays, the cats around the city are for tourism purposes and are part of the York Lucky Cats Trial run by York Glass and you can pick a map of the trail up from the shop or download it online.

The trail takes you all over the city and discover areas that you may not of even glanced at twice – it is really fun trying to find all the cats, some are harder to find than others but when you do come across them, the sense of reward is really gratifying. If you have never visited the city before then it is a great way to see all the sights, have a pleasant walk near the water and also weave in and out of the alleyways in the shopping area. 

Also – dont forget to have a look around the York Glass shop before you leave as they have loads of things that are cat shaped and may be a nice souvenir of your visit.

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