i have recently re-watched the whole of How I Met Your Mother and whilst I am not a fan of how the whole show ended it was interesting watching it all back as i noticed things i never saw the first or second time round and you might of not ass well! So here are just some of the things that you may not of noticed throughout

1) We always knew what the name of the mother was

Way back in Season 1 in Episode 9, Barney, Robin and Ted end up in a strip club at the end of their shift helping out at the soup kitchen on Thanksgiving and they end up there because Barney sort of guilts them into going there. After Ted pays for a homeless man to have a lap dance he meets a stripper who says her name is one thing then laughs and jokes and goes no my name is actually Tracy. Ted then says to his kids “and thats how i met your mother” and they are really shocked and say “what” and then he says he was joking but their reaction to that gag isn’t just meant to be a joke, its also a hugeeeee clue as to the name of the mother.

2) Victoria, Marshall and the best cake he has ever had 

When we first meet Victoria Marshall raves about the cake that he has at a wedding and how amazing it is! However you never see any cakes or it being brought up again.

3) Barney and Robin were already blooming a relationship in season 1 

In the episode called Zip Zip Zip, on season 1, Barney first made his declaration about liking Robin and even phoned Ted to ask his permission. So technically their relationship could of happened right from the start and Barney didn’t have to feel bad about Ted as he ad already asked him ages ago.

4) Barney pretty much proved he was a great friend to Marshall all through season 2

From paying Lily money to paint him nude, to going on the Price is Right to meet his dad (and winning all the prizes for their wedding presents) and getting lily to come back to Marshall – Barney really did have a major impact in the whole wedding of the couple and really does prove he is a best man and In Some ways better man to Marshall then Ted ever was

5) Marshall and Lily appartment mix up

In the early part of season 3 Lily and Marshall buy a house apparently in the smelly part of town however later on in the season the house is now an appartment and it’s in what seems to be central and no mention of the area. It also looks completely different to the first place they showed.

6. Robin and the TV

In season 4 episode the front porch Lily confesses to Ted she broke him up with Karen and whilst they are talking in the background Robin is on the TV and Barney and Marshall are facing the television and don’t even realise what is happening.