The Travel Book

The Travel Book – Brownsea Island, Poole, Dorset 

If you are looking for a little bit of paradise somewhere on the South West coast, that is a hidden little gem – then Brownsea Island is a place you must check out.

The little island is in the centre of Poole Harbour and is owned by National Trust but it is easy enough to get lost on the island and find deserted sandy beaches throughout. From London it’s a 2 hour train journey down to Poole and then after a short walk through the town centre you will reach the harbour and here you will be able to get a boat across to the island. On the way out the journey takes about half an hour and then on the way back about an hour as they have to go a different route due to it being a harbour but on the route back they will give you a mini audio tour about the harbour and which celebrities have owned homes around there (including Robbie Williams and Elton John).

Now, you may find the boat prices or the entrance a bit pricey but once you get onto the island there are many reasons to fall In love with it and forget about that. The island is one of natures hidden treasures as it has many different routes around it and is also the home of the scouts! There is an area with a statue and a area for connoting the first set of Scouts.

The island is full of lots of hidden treasures and the first on the list is the red squirrels which live in huge groups around the island and are a beautiful treat when you come across them with their tufty little ears.

The island is home to some beautiful sandy beaches which are hidden to the eye unless you look for them – when going to the beach make sure you know where your exit point are as the tide can come in. The sea around the island is full of lots of wildlife and if you are lucky enough you really can paddle with the fishes!

In the centre of the island there are some beautiful wooded areas with some beautiful trees and if you are lucky to find them little ponds that remind you of something that fairies would be around as they are magical and picturesque!

Brownsea island is a fun day out for all and if you are not impressed at the scenery then you will laugh at the fact that then chickens can sometimes follow you as they are fascinated by humans! Just remember to check when the last boat off the island is!

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