The Games That Time Forgot -Tom and Jerry Mouse Attacks,GameBoy Color 

If there is one game that I remember playing on the Green Game Boy Color Its a game that was based around everyone’s favourite cat and mouse duo – Tom and Jerry. It wasnt my favourite game as Jerry used to be hard to control and the fact that there was no save points got irritating but it did bring a fresh and classic arcade game style to Game Boy.

The game Tom and Jerry Mouse Attacks wasn’t the first game that was released with the cartoon icons on this system. The game was developed by Warthog, and published by NewKidCo and Ubisoft in 2000. It was a fun little game for all ages that saw Jerry fighting through five levels to save his kidnapped friends from the clutches of Tom.   The game prided itself on being hectic and lots of fun with mini games as well as creative platform levels for the player to enjoy. There were many mini games and they all had lots of wacky tasks such as a pie throwing contest, water skiing and slide style puzzles.

Whilst at times it was frustrating at times that you needed a passcode to continue from certain points, it made up with its catchy theme tunes and child like levels.

This article was originally written by The Phoenix Remix Editor for the website of Nerd HQ for the beginning of this year.

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